DuckTales -Remastered- Official Game Soundtrack (by Hiroshige Tonomura, Jake Kaufman) - 2014 [MP3 256]

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DuckTales -Remastered- Official Game Soundtrack (by Hiroshige Tonomura, Jake Kaufman) - 2014 [MP3 256] Files

 10. African Mines.mp3 9.02MB
 07. The Amazon.mp3 8.34MB
 03. Money Bin.mp3 8.00MB
 08. Transylvania.mp3 7.63MB
 15. Mount Vesuvius.mp3 7.36MB
 11. The Himalayas.mp3 6.98MB
 12. The Moon.mp3 6.95MB
 26. The Moon (Piano Arrangement).mp3 6.68MB
 40. Mount Vesuvius (8-bit Version).mp3 6.61MB
 25. DuckTales Theme and Credit Medley.mp3 5.98MB
 14. Boss Battle.mp3 5.70MB
 13. I've Got a Bad Feeling About This.mp3 5.69MB
 05. Scrooge's Office.mp3 5.53MB
 16. Dracula Duck.mp3 5.49MB
 04. Quack-a-rooney.mp3 4.97MB
 09. Well Bless Me Bagpipes.mp3 4.84MB
 38. I've Got a Bad Feeling About This (8-bit Version).mp3 4.73MB
 30. Quack-a-rooney (8-bit Version).mp3 4.57MB
 29. Money Bin (8-bit Version).mp3 4.51MB
 19. Gyro's Hidden Stage.mp3 4.38MB
 37. The Moon (8-bit Version).mp3 4.16MB
 35. African Mines (8-bit Version).mp3 4.01MB
 27. Title Theme (8-bit Version).mp3 3.86MB
 33. Transylvania (8-bit Version).mp3 3.85MB
 17. The Dime Chase.mp3 3.72MB
 32. The Amazon (8-bit Version).mp3 3.70MB
 34. Well Bless Me Bagpipes (8-bit Version).mp3 3.53MB
 36. The Himalayas (8-bit Version).mp3 3.39MB
 41. The Dime Chase (8-bit Version).mp3 2.50MB
 06. I'll Be a Roast Duck.mp3 2.48MB
 39. Boss Battle (8-bit Version).mp3 2.17MB
 24. The Richest Duck in the World.mp3 2.03MB
 01. Title Theme.mp3 2.02MB
 43. Gyro's Hidden Stage (8-bit Version).mp3 2.01MB
 47. The Richest Duck in the World (8-bit Version).mp3 1.90MB
 02. Trouble in Duckburg.mp3 1.84MB
 28. Trouble in Duckburg (8-bit Version).mp3 1.78MB
 31. Scrooge's Office (8-bit Version).mp3 1.55MB
 46. Magic Coin (8-bit Version).mp3 1.55MB
 23. Magic Coin.mp3 1.08MB
 22. Stage Complete.mp3 541.24kB
 20. Or Rewrite History.mp3 525.74kB
 18. Game Over.mp3 499.60kB
 44. Or Rewrite History (8-bit Version).mp3 479.24kB
 45. Stage Complete (8-bit Version).mp3 466.97kB
 42. Game Over (8-bit Version).mp3 459.62kB
 21. Death.mp3 457.96kB
 Front.jpg 436.17kB
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